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“Yes! I want to live on a Lark!” (on the left of this page!)

This is a place where we eat clean all week and then splurge a bit on the weekends.  LARK presents the case for indulgence AND reset -- for living as a human, not as a robot who makes choices without emotion or character. Life is a both-and: eating and living healthy, and periodically splurging and celebrating!

My cookbook shelf tells me this: current cookbooks are either full of rigid, allergy-friendly, healthy recipes, or are geared toward a style of cooking or a particular regional flavor. But, I live the moderate approach: filling up with healthy, life-giving food during the week and then on the weekend, allowing some reasonable splurges and indulgences. But no matter the time or season, I want to enjoy every bite. This is the Living LARK way. One fun way to enjoy living on a LARK is with 65 weekend recipes -- gallon-batch cocktails that please a BIG crowd -- all available here!

I want you to trust that our reliable recipes will turn out the same every time, for everyone who cooks them, in every kitchen. Ingredients we use are available from local groceries or from specified places that allow for easy purchasing.