Jalapeño Fizz for Two


Jalapeño Fizz for Two

Two servings (in 10 ounce rocks glasses filled halfway with ice)

For the Spicy Syrup:

½  c honey
½  c water
¼  c lemon juice

1 small jalapeño pepper, cut in ¼ inch slices (about 4 slices total, one more for garnish). Cut more if you enjoy more than mild heat.

Shake and mix!  Chill in refrigerator (covered) overnight (but not any longer than that or the mixture will be too spicy to drink).  Remove jalapeños with a fine mesh sieve before adding champagne.

To the Spicy Syrup add:

1 small (split) bottle 187 mL sparkling wine

After mixing the sparkling wine with the Spicy Syrup, serve and garnish with a quarter-inch slice of jalapeno over ice in a rocks glass.

Jalapeño Fizz for Two