The Pom Pom


I love bubbly!  There will be a bit extra after you pour 3 bottles into the batch, so sip it up before guests arrive.

The Pom Pom
Serves 20 (in a 10 oz. rocks glass filled halfway with ice)

3 c pomegranate (Pom) juice (100%)
1 ½  c pear nectar
1 ½ c New Holland Clockwork Orange (Gran Marnier is a common substitute)
3  bottles Prosecco
pomegranate seeds

The day before serving, sprinkle 5-6 pomegranate seeds in each section of an ice cube tray.  Cover with water and freeze.  You may need to make several batches if you only have two ice cube trays like I do! 

The next day: In a gallon jug, combine the first three ingredients in a pitcher and refrigerate.   Just before serving, add Prosecco.  Serve over pomegranate ice in rocks glasses or in champagne flutes.


The Pom Pom