Bee Blossom

Bee Blossom
Serves 20 (but will serve more if combined with sparkling water)

2 c honey
2 c water
8 c Coppercraft gin
2 ⅓ c lemon juice (I prefer this brand)
2 ⅓ c Green Chartreuse
3 T Scrappy’s Orange Bitters
5 c Sparkling water, optional

First, make the honey syrup: combine 3 cups honey with 3 cups water. Shake well to mix and combine. This will make a bit more than is needed for the cocktail.

Second, combine 2 ⅓ cups lemon juice, 2 ⅓ cups Green Chartreuse, 2 ⅔ cups honey syrup, and 8 cups gin in a gallon container. Add 3 T orange bitters and shake vigorously. This drink separates easily and will need to be stirred often while serving. Ideally, a cocktail shaker should be placed next to the punch bowl so guests can shake their cocktail if desired. Club soda can also be added for lightweights in the crowd -- this cocktail is STRONG!

• note: don't substitute aromatic bitters for the orange bitters-- orange is the key to this cocktail being smooth instead of abrasive. Other brands of orange bitters will do, but I prefer Scrappy's.


Bee Blossom