Fig Sangria

Lark events have helped me create some new recipes in this one-batch-size-cocktail-a-week repertoire.  I didn't expect friends and local business’ to ask for recipes specifically for their events, but it’s been fun and necessity has certainly been the mother of invention in my kitchen!  In search of a signature cocktail for the BIG READ HOLLAND, I created the Fig Sangria (with inspiration from the West Elm blog featuring Gabriel Cabrera @artfuldesperado.

Living Lark-21.jpg

The Big Read is a community reading project highlighting the book When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka.  It was fun to search for a signature drink for this event! There is star anise in the recipe so that is what caught my attention, although that is where the Asian influence here stops. The recipe is inspired by Moroccan flavors, but it’s a serious fusion with elderflower syrup, star anise, and figs — overall the theme here is lavish and elegant — two things that I love in recipes.  Enjoy this mix of sultry flavors and buy fresh figs while they are ripe and available in stores. Freeze them for the winter months when rich luscious fruit will be a welcome treat!

photos by   Bridging Her Story