Wall of Books

Wall of Books


I have a cookbook collection.  It spans the kitchen wall, from the baseboards to the crown molding.  The range of authors is somewhat varied, lingering long in French classics and American bistro:  from Ina Garten to Yotam Ottolenghi, Julia Child to Nancy Oakes. I draw inspiration from these books, but I also strictly follow recipes from these books.  I’m a rule and recipe follower, which inspires me to write all of my own recipes down so that I can make them the same way every time. {My writing and pen can be more reliable than my memory and brain, people.}


On that note, while Pinterest is fun and accessible, it’s not always reliable.  If I find a Martha Stewart recipe pinned, I know it will cook the way it’s written.  I trust the recipe testing and reputation of magazine and brand, so it’s my go-to. If I don’t know the author but find a cornbread recipe while waiting in the grocery line, there is no guarantee it’s going to work, and for me -it usually doesn’t.  I love the tried-and-true, the reliable. That’s why my goal is to write clear and simple recipes. I want to build a brand and book that is reliable. I want every recipe to show up for you the way I intended it. One thing I can’t rely on is your taste and palette.  That’s why, for example, I have included two recipes this week.  I don’t know if red wine gives you a headache, or if you only drink white in the summer.  So here are TWO reliable sangria recipes. Make one this weekend as you unwind from a very long week.  Make a jug for a neighbor and leave it at their door to spread the love.  Let me know which one you prefer (but no one said you can’t enjoy BOTH.)


Let me know, also, how you enjoy gathering recipes.  Are you a rule follower? Send me an email or use #livinglark on Instagram to let me know -- I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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