Cookbook Update

Never be afraid to fall.

I didn’t really want to write this entry.  I’d love to keep you guessing about how my cookbook publishing process is going, hoping you’d think I’ve found an agent and a publisher and that the book will be out soon.  But that’s not the way the publishing world really works -- especially when publishing cookbooks!

Here I’m happy consulting on the Event at  Warehouse 6  in Holland for  Local First !

Here I’m happy consulting on the Event at Warehouse 6 in Holland for Local First!

My goal to see my recipes published in a cookbook through a large publishing house is a big one.  Remember how I followed my dad’s advice to aim high and submitted my book proposal to an agent in Manhattan?  I submitted it to her because a lovely author friend of mine connected us, and I wanted advice about what to do with the proposal.  It was nice to submit it because it got all my words in order and the agent thought it was beautiful (yay)! However, she’s not taking new clients -- because she has BIG clients (if you are up on cookbooks, she is representing Sister Pie and Joy the Baker!). I learned from her that I should have 100,000 followers on Instagram to be considered for this big publishing world, and I’m FAR from that.  But now that I am free to find a new agent or submit elsewhere, I feel a lightness to worry less about my Instagram numbers, and that has allowed me the freedom to wander into fun LARK things.  Even in this fun LARK season, I’m not sure I’m always moving toward my goal of a published cookbook, but I am grateful for, and happy with, this creative Lark lifestyle!  

This AIMING HIGH process allowed me to FALL from what I thought I wanted into the entrepreneurial world, and has allowed me to meet the most lovely people, gain a good local following,  endorse fun events, PLAN successful events with local non-profits, and connect with other dreamers.

Here I am at my happiest - biking flowers to friends!

Here I am at my happiest - biking flowers to friends!

What’s next?

I’m trying to ignore the extroverted side of me that constantly wants to socialize/plan events,  and CURL IN to enjoy the writing and cooking side of LARK for autumn and winter. I have a new website, but haven’t utilized it well or written blog posts very often. This is something I really love to do, so be on the lookout for new posts!  I want to write, create and keep building LARK, then submit my entire cookbook proposal again (& again & again & again), because although a miracle book contract would be great right now, I need to put in lots of work to get the Living LARK lifestyle out to more people.  

How can you help?  

Just enjoy making Lark recipes, share them on social media and with friends, and Live on a LARK in all of your own creative wonderful ways! Thank you for joining me on this journey friends! I can’t wait to share more as we enter a new season… Cheers!

On a Lark,


The  Coppercraft Distillery  Autumn Mule Collaboration!

The Coppercraft Distillery Autumn Mule Collaboration!